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Optimal Price-Quality Relationship

Schumacher Plating has the disposal of a fully automated production line in which various parts can be processed interchangeably by means of preset parameters. Thanks to this working method we are able to deliver a consistent quality.

To examine the quality, a comprehensive inspection system is operational and we use state-of-the-art aids. We boast an X-ray (Röntgen) layer thickness meter which measures (non-destructive) layer thick-nesses and, if desired, we can supply layer thickness reports along.


Schumacher Plating features its own laboratory where all of the required process controls can be performed. In this way, possible corrections are able to be made quickly.


Within Europe we dispose of one of the largest nickel plating lines. With a maximum capacity of 3,750 kg per hour, we are capable of offering large quantities at sharply competitive prices.